Our story

It all started in 1982 with the Navigation Department of the Maritime University of Gdynia. The youthful passion that brought the company's founder to Gdynia was quickly put to the test and pragmatic verification of "what is worth it and what is not". After completing two cruises on the SV Dar Mlodzierzy (SQLZ) sailing ship, it was obvious that it turned out - that the radio had a better life than the navigator. In those days, the rank of a radio officer could be obtained by completing the Faculty of Electronics of the Warsaw University of Technology, and then  a 6-month radio professional course.

The beginning of the TORN™ founder's studies at the Faculty of Electronics of the Warsaw University of Technology coincided with a revolution on the computer market. Personal computers of various brands began to appear in Poland - from Sinclair, Commodore, Atari, IBM PC, Apple to SUN and Silicon Graphics. The operating systems used in them differed, but one stood out among them, and that was UNIX®. The decision made in 1984 to choose the AT&T SVR3 and 4 family of systems and to focus on their philosophy turned out to be a bull's-eye. Today, each LINUX, iOS and Android system contains the ideas of UNIX® AT&T.

The privatization of Telekomunikacja Polska and the creation of TP Internet™ are coming. With the creation of TP Internet™, the first PALIO version (PortalAllInOne) is designed, based on on ORACLE™ mod_plsql technology - it's the turn of the century.

TORN™, advising TP Internet and conducting R&D work for the server rooms under construction, observes the work related to the construction of the first Neostraday services. On January 15, 2001, the pilot Neostrada service was launched exclusively for TP subscribers in Warsaw served by the headquarters at ul. Piękna, a year later, on July 1, 2002, the Neostrada Plus service was launched.

In the meantime, due to the tight schedule and endless negotiations and quarrels of TP Internet with large players of the telecommunications services market, the French management is forced to commission the construction of the Nesotrada sales system to TORN™. This system is called PROVISIO™. PROVISIO™ will be the system selling Neostrada throughout Poland for the next 10 years - the first sale of Neostrada TP managed by the PROVISIO™ system starts in May 2003 - the number of users in mid-2003 was approximately 50,000. The entire sales and installation process was carried out using the PALIO technology. Immediately afterwards, with the development of JAVA™ technology, jPALIO™ was created and the COMPLAINTS module in the PROVISIO™ system was created.

As a result of thorough testing of the jPALIO™ technology in the PROVISIO™ project, systems for:

  • PAP - jCMS™ for Polish Press Agency websites
  • Civil Aviation Office - Examination system for pilots awarded with an IATA award
  • ABW - OSKAR™ system for the Internal Security Agency
  • GPW - GPWInfostrefa™ system for the Warsaw Stock Exchange for exchanging information about market participants
  • RCL - Process control system in the Government Legislation Center
  • CANAL+ - Subscriber terminal management system
  • LOT LGS - ZION™ and BAREC™ ground handling and baggage systems (approximately 80% of ground handling of air traffic in Poland)
  • PKP - jERP™ Financial and accounting system integrating entities from the PKP Przewozy Regionalne group - one system for over 20 entities
  • PZŁ - jERP™ Financial, accounting and HR system for 49 District Boards - one system for one NIP but 49 account plans.
  • PZŁ - jEKEP™ hunting management system and ŁwP System (over 15,000 unique users every day)
  • Toatalizard Sportowy - KONIK™ system for handling mutual bets at horse races
  • Public Open Medical Centers ZOZ Żoliborz, Wola, Ochota and Mokotów - e-Queuing system (800 thousand patients - residents of Warsaw, over 12 million visits)

it's 2024 today, our history continues to be written...


jPALIO Introductory Presentation (7.6 MB application/pdf)
Managing System z SOA environments - Software Strategies WP (1.7 MB application/pdf)